What can remove ear wax remover oil stains from my pants?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    The best oily stain remover I've found is a home-brew of inexpensive products.

    In a cup, stir together equal parts of baking soda, blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, and hydrogen peroxide. (How much of each depends on the size and number of stains. Maybe try a teaspoon of each?) Use the spoon you stirred with to apply the mixture to the stains. (And use any remaining on areas that tend to collect grime, like shirt collars or T-shirt neck bands.) Let it sit for an hour or two, then wash as you normally would.

    Don't put the stained item in the dryer. Let it air dry and confirm that the stains are completely gone. I usually do this in outdoor light. It's usually safe to repeat this once if the stains are improved but not fully gone. More than that can slightly fade the color of the fabric.

    This sometimes gets out old stains that have been heat-set in the dryer, it's that good.

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