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How does he decide now that I'm not his type?  Its been over 2 years. ?

We met end of November 2017, we studied english together.  We started seeing each other regularly around the beginning of 2018. We met most days for coffee etc (we live in city center and 10 mins walk of each other so its easy.)  Sometimes for an hour,  Sometimes a few hours.  It was hard for us to get private moments as I work as a live in carer and he could only sneak over when the other carer isn't there (1 day a week)  often he would come around 11pm and leave by 5am before my work would start - he shares a room with a friend so its not appropriate for me to go there on days off.  We had discussed moving in together 3 months in,  but I wouldn't have been able yo afford it as I send half my salary back home.  He was fine with that and we continued as we were.  Anyways,  July of 2018 we had a small argument,  he had wanted to take me out for the day as I finally had a week free (switching houses as my previous care job had passed)  but I had made plans with my friends,  I invited him along but he wasn't interested.  We didn't speak for a week,  basically broke up.  I bumped into him 2 weeks later ans we resumed where we had left off only it was more carefree,  we saw each other as and when rather than daily and spent some hours in hotels etc to be alone. Now,  he has ended it.. He said I'm not his type... Said we can stay friends and he thanks me for all the good times.. But we won't be physical any more.  Its been over 2 years that we've known each other. Why decide now? 

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    Because you two do not have an actual relationship, you are just friends with benefits.  He only wanted the sex and you gave it up. The sign should have been noticed when he got mad and didn’t talk to yiu for 2 weeks because yiu made plans with friends. 

    He has someone else already lined up. You might actually want to try checked for STDs because most likely it has been happening for awhile. 

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    Looks like a number of factors have contributed to this. What does it even matter, its over. You will both move on.

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