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Dream about receiving a car for my 16th birthday?

I dreamed that I was at a high school in America and had three friends with black leather jackets and ducktails. As it was my birthday we cut class after recess and went a soda bar for a milkshake. Five Italians in matching bowling shirts were singing a doo-wop version of Sherry. The phone rang, and the woman on the line said she was my mother and I had to come home. I asked how she knew we were there, and she said I'm so predictable because I did the same thing last year. When I got home my parents were waiting for me. They looked nothing like my real parents. The father wore a sweatervest, pleated pants and necktie, held a highball glass in his hand and was smoking a pipe. He presented me with a set of keys and said the family 88 was now mine. When I opened the garage door there was a shiny new Fairlane with fins and chrome, and a beat-up sky blue Oldsmobile. Pop said I should take the car for a spin, and I slowly moved the Olds down the driveway. The gear change was behind the steering wheel, and the radio had to be tuned by turning a dial. I went through various stations until I found one that played Ritchie Valens, Bill Haley, Gene Vincent, and Chuck Berry. As I drove back towards the soda bar I heard the parents arguing. Mom said Pop was a cheapskate for giving me his old car rather than trading it in and taking a hit from his paycheck, but Pop told her to stop yapping and fix something to eat because he was hungry.

Any idea on the meaning of this dream?

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  • 1 month ago
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    The first part of the dream might mean that associating with those who society deems as outcasts will open up situations for you that might make people uncomfortable and get you angry - you will work hard to fix the situation among bullying and competitive personalities but it isn't until you advance your career that you can make situation better. Somebody or something inside you is disappeared and resentful - and this is leading to self contradiction and aggression. When you accept the difficult realities of life and choose to be independent you will find a happy life but will have to take care of old responsibilities - the dream might be telling you to fulfill your duties instead of going after what you want or that you have to go beyond the bare minimum and the fulfillment of social requests by others if you want to be happy - it could be saying to take initiative instead of letting others tell you what to do 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your dream sounds too good to be true and too well written.  You seem well able to communicate what the 50's and 60's were all about, and your writing skills are impeccable!  Why don't you put them to good use and write a book we all can enjoy? 

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