What year does the world end in UK? ?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    To answer that question we need to know the year the world began, then figure out its life expectancy based on other earthlike planets in a milkyway like galaxy in a solar system like ours. The problem is the earth alone is billions of years old and we don't have the facilities to make that assumption. Plus if the sun were to end before then so would we. Its actually mind blowing when you put these series of random accidents or coincidences together.

    On top of that life itself is even more delicately balanced which is why we need to take extra caution in our actions so that we don't accidentally shift that balance causing extinction, human activity has already caused species to go extinct in our lifetime so if we continue on a reckless path the world may not end in the UK but global warming may cause serious flooding in the UK and Ireland putting many regions below sea level like Holland for example, imagine all the UK and Ireland below sea-level, what kind of damns or planning could save us? Our historic and cultural worlds would be destroyed forever, these are things that could happen in the next 60-100 years or sooner. 

    Another unlikely scenario that has happened three times in known history is an asteroid collision, one such incident is why we have a moon and the last known incident was during the jurassic period and wiped out 99% of life on earth at that time. It could end at any random time but we as ever advancing people need to be careful of our actions effecting the fine balance we thrive within. 

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