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Liverpool fans, what’s your overall verdict on Jordan Henderson? ?

Since he joined from Sunderland. 

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    he's been good, his attitude and determination have been greater than that as well especially more recently, they've been excellent...however this is a new season, and technically he's not can he prove to have same mettle as last season?, personally i think we need to be more careful to keep Wynaldum..he's been consistently good for seasons, and currently we have issues at the back which everyone is aware of

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    hes matured into a world class midfielder and superb professional for us.

    a solid compact no nonsence midfielder that any team in the epl would not mind having in their midfield.

    he is the one who can press the 'go' or 'slow down' or 'reset'  or 'move up a gear' button alone, from midfield and can 'clean up' any issues opposition sides try to cause us in the middle of the park.  He gets help mind,  from 10 others players ;-)

    thats the beauty of our system and way of palying.

    its just so much better than anybody elses in epl lol

    only Man City are on our level.

    nobody else.

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