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Why do I have to go to my stepsister’s birthday party? ?

I have never talked with her and she has tried to get to know me more. The thing is I never wanted a brother or sister. My dad keeps calling her my sister and I told him to stop and he won’t.

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  • Steve
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    1 month ago
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    INSTEAD of acting like a TRUMP CHUMP perhaps it's maybe time for YOU to show some RESPECT for your PARENTS and do something for THEM as well as your given stepsister by attending the birthday party. When it's all said and done you all are FAMILY. Perhaps your stepsister hasn't always had things as easy as you perhaps in your given life? Perhaps maybe she feels isolated being your "stepsister" and perhaps maybe "she" has had concerns measuring up to "you" in the eyes of both your parents? YOUR dad is doing everything possible to have both step mom and sister feel "welcome" with you and him. So unless there is a very big bad thing that your stepsister or stepmom has done to you perhaps it's time for you to act like an ADULT. Instead of a spoiled brat little IVANKA TRUMP CHUMP GIRL And at least make the effort to welcome your stepsister to your family. Because once "YOU' make the effort; don't be surprised if your stepsister and goodness honey dare I say this...don't be surprised if the two of you actually become good friends...Because YOU have decided to step out of your comfort zone. And my goodness be nice to another person...And actually show appreciation for your DAD whom I am sure has done every God damn thing possible for YOU/honey. Including moving forward with his life with a given woman whom my goodness may actually be a great WIFE for him. And while you haven't mentioned a stepmom perhaps you can start a friendship with her as well? So why not be an ADULT and show others the same consideration and RESPECT that you would want others to show YOU/honey.

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    You don't have to go. 

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    you dont have to go

  • 1 month ago

    Blended families have squabbles all the time.  I grew up in a blended family & it was weird.  But mom divorced that guy, so were back to being just her kids.

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  • Ann
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    1 month ago

    You don't say how old the two of you are, but obviously this is a case of your dad's having married someone who had a daughter, and he's trying to "blend" the families.  The stepsister probably feels the same way you do. It's awkward for both of you for him to be doing this.  You could think of her as an acquaintance rather than a sister.  It wouldn't hurt for you to go, and give her something innocuous such as a $20 gift card. 

  • T J
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    1 month ago

    Refuse to go, and on the day of the party, disappear, so you are not around when they have or go to the party. If Dear old dad, does not get it by then, he is pretty dense. Dont let him push you, into something you do not want. If somehow, you get caught and forced, you can make them all sorry they made you go to the party. Walk out of the door, take a walk, keep yourself moving away from them and the party. Im sure your dad will have something to say, you tell him, it will only get worse, if he keeps pushing you to be around her.

    If that girl keeps trying, tell her straight out, to leave you alone, you do not want her to even talk to you, ever. 

    Where is your mother? Can you go live with her?

    You can make them all very unhappy to be around you if you try. They will try to punish you, but stay strong.

    There is plenty you can do to that girl also, make her life miserable if she keeps trying to talk to you. Im sure you can figure it out.

    You stay strong, and dont dad get away with his new family BS. When you can get out of there, move out.

    Its a good thing for your dad, im not his kid, he would pay also.

    Just be careful and think things out so you do not get caught if you do anything to them. You do not have to act right away, you can wait and when things are calm, then act.

    As you can well guess, I do not let anyone to try to push me into anything, or they pay. I have cut off 3 siblings for now over 10 years, for that. I do not see or hear anything from them, I have never been happier without them.

    Good luck, wish you lived near me, id give you plenty of ideas.

  • M.P.
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    1 month ago

    Don't be an a hole, at least try to be a part of the family, make a goddamned effort. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

      Get her an AK47 and some hunting knives.  

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