Getting nipples re-pierced question?

So i had my nipples pierced once 2 years ago, but they were very crooked so I took them out fairly after getting them pierced. Now they are fully healed and I've been debating getting one re-pierced, not both again. My only concern is will getting it re-pierced cause my pierced nipple to protrude more noticeably than my un-pierced one? I know it will protrude a little bit more than the other one because there will be jewelry in it on top of scar tissue, but will my nipple be noticeably "perkier" than the other one? Thanks for all your help. Any other advise on getting my nipple re-pierced as well would be helpful. 

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  • 1 month ago
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    I think it would depend on what clothes you wear. With a regular shirt, and anything thicker, it probably won’t look ‘perkier’. However, if you’re talking about just your nipple in general then it probably won’t be very noticeable. Unless you have a thicker gauge in it.

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