Hospital workers: are COVID patients in a separate area of the hospital from non-COVIDs? ?

What is done to stop cross contamination from a doc/nurse on hospital duty who treats COVID patients from giving it to their non-COVID patients


@Elizabeth: Thank u sooooo much for your thorough answer! I may have to stay in the hospital for 7 days for a clinical trial post surgery and I wanted to get an unbiased opinion on safety prior to doing so. Thank u again!!!!!

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  • 1 month ago
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    Every hospital has to balance its resources so there is no answer that applies universally.

    Generally though, hospitals will have set up dedicated Covid wards so those patients are isolated. In terms of nursing staff, we typically would work on this Covid ward and nowhere else, so we generally wouldn't see Covid-19 and non-Covid patients on the same shift. 

    In cases where we have to move between infected / non-infected patients or between different parts of the hospital, there are pretty standard infection control measures we take ... visors, masks, gloves, aprons, and other PPE, single use sterile devices, frequent handwashing, a whole range of procedures around spills and disposal of materials, and so on.

    The thing to remember is that although Covid-19 is new, infection control in hospitals isn't. 

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