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HELP! Screen Addicted 5 yr. old?

My youngest brother is addicted to screens. From a very early age, all that could stimulate or get him excited was screens. To this day, he's a monster if there's no media playing in the background. He talks about devices and video games constantly, even in his sleep! He has a never ending Christmas list due to all the consumerism shoved in his face. When he spontaneously wants something, he throws massice temper tantrums if he can't get it. He's become rude,defiant, constantly angry,lazy...and my parents do nothing. My brother and I have tried to tell them they need to do something and they don't. He's become an obnoxious monster and it's caused so much strain on my brother and I. He once grabbed my brother's neck and tried to pull his teeth when my mom turned off YouTube. What can we do to stop this i insanity? 

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  • Carmen
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    1 month ago

    As we all know a child absorbs things as a early age already including watching TV video games to entertain them. But balance is needed in order to stay in control as a parent. But as mentioned since no one is sure whether the 5 year old is just throwing tantrums to get his way or if there is a medical issue going on. Consult with his physician for suggestions and pray that it’s fixable if applicable especially if your parents not paying this any serious attention or speak with someone else like a teacher if applicable if in daycare see what they suggest. Hope he gets the structure he needs before he be running the household. 

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    Soon enough, your lax parents will become desperate enough to seek professional help. I hope it won't be too late by then.  As his brother, not much you can do other than what you have already done, expressing your concern. You can at least be strict with him, yourself, and he will soon learn that you can't be manipulated the way he behaves with his parents. If he is addicted to screens and media, it may also be a sign that he could have attention deficit disorder or a possible learning disability, and would be in need of an early diagnosis and treatment. Good luck, 

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    This should call for your parents to get the kid evaluated by a Psychiatrist & put on medicine to stop it.  It could be that he is just spoiled but this is way far out of hand.  The kid needs help & it is up to your parents to see that he gets the help he needs.

    Nothing you can do, it is out of your hands.  It is up to your parents to get the kid the help he needs.  There is all kinds of help & all kinds of different ways to help him.  Parents need to do something or it will just gets worse as he gets older.

  • Strand
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    1 month ago

    His obsession with media is a symptom of bigger problems, and your parents indulge him in order to avoid dealing with those problems. I am sure you grew up with games and the internet too, but your parents didn't rely so heavily on them to keep you calm and occupied. You were able to regulate your emotions in a way your brother can't. He badly needs to see a professional. But you can't make that call, all you can do is set boundaries to protect yourself and continue to press your parents on how abnormal and unhealthy this situation is. Try not to resent your brother, at his age all of his bad behavior is ultimately your parent's responsibility. His life is only going to get harder if nobody intervenes and gets him the help he needs.

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    Possible way to stop, first you all have to stop such thing….

  • lala
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    1 month ago

    As a sibbling theres nothing you can do 

    its on your parents responsability to find out what is going on with this 5 yrs 

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