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Need advice with skin problems. Dry skin and wrinkles.?

So basically my girlfriend has been using some korean skin care products for her face for about three days but unfortunately it did the complete opposite of what she wanted. 

She tells me that under her eyes there are patches of dry skin that look wrinkled and when she smiles there's a creased line under her eye that wasn't there before.I'm a guy so I obviously don't notice anything different but she's been very worried about it and wants to know if her skin will get back to how it was since, before using these products, her skin was naturally very healthy and didn't have these problems

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    First thing she should do is stop using those products.  Since they are made in a foreign country, they could contain ingredients that are harmful rather than helpful.  It can do more than just damage your skin, it can poison your liver.  Next, I recommend she start using St Helene Coco Butter body lotion, or one of the diabetic moisturizing lotions.  They are good at moisturizing and protecting skin, even on the face.  She may not be able to repair the wrinkles.

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