why should parents of a bullied son / daughter have to pay $30,000 to a school??

ok few things here. 1.i watched a netflix documentary called bully on bullying in school across the usa and what the film makers showed and found was that the 0 tolerant bullying policy was bs policy and that the assistant principal basically encouraged it bullying and that every time a bullied victim told the school or reported to their local cops that the school staff was always like oh well they had it coming always when the students reported to the staff. so i decided i wanted to investigate a little bit about tyler long situation. so today i searched google tyler long. What i found on google was this Tyler long's parents had to pay $30,000 to the school. my question is this if  tyler long had been bullied and her reported it to school staff and no action was taken and tyler was bullied to the point of suicide then Why in God's name should tyler long's parents pay the school $30,000 if  the parents of tyler long sued the school for doing nothing to end their son's bullying??? 

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  • 1 month ago

    ask them not us....THEY COULD GO TO THE PRINCIPAL to have their say.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    While I cannot agree with the court's decision based on what I've read, the money owed is court costs and transcription fees, due because the parents lost their lawsuit and the court ordered they bear the financial burden of the trial.

    This is a common practice intended to minimize frivolous lawsuits. If the person who sues has to pay for everything if they lose, only valid cases will be filed--in theory, anyway.

    I see the school district is making no attempt to collect. It's apparent the Longs don't have it to give.

  • 1 month ago

    don't believe everything you read...it needs to have multiple sources saying the same thing...but not the same words otherwise you know they copied and pasted...and netflix isnt known for they're honest documentaries...seriously....but there is something being left out of what we read...it never says why they owe 30,000...but that the school system had not tried to collect on it either so the school system is human

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