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Can someone help me with this equation?

I am confused

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    Write it down as factors. 

    The top (numerator) 's factors are  7 x 6 x y x z x z

    The bottom (denomiantor)'s factors are 4 x 6 x y x y x y x z x z 

    There is one '6' top and bottom, so cancel down 

    There is one 'y' on the top , so cancel down with one 'y' on the bottom.  This will leave two 'y' on the bottom. 

    There two 'z' on both the top and bottom so cancel down both 'z' . 

    Hence we are left with 

    7/(4y^2)  the simplified answer.   

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    = 7/4y^2

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    @JohnP you are not alone,you are already a member of the popular club.

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    The given expression is not an equation but it can be simplified to 7/4y^2

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    Gosh, I was never much good at maths at school 60 years ago, but I think I have managed to work it out in less than a minute.  Just in case I have got it wrong, I will not show my answer.

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    reduce numbers in the normal fashion

    42/24 = 7/4

    exponents on the variables cancel by subtraction

    since y is y¹ subtract 1 from the exponent of both numerator and denominator

    y/y³ = y⁰/y² = 1/y² 

    cancel by subtracting  2 from the exponent of both numerator and denominator

    z²/z² = z⁰ / z⁰ = 1/1 = 1


    All together


    ––––  <––––––––


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