Cutting beveled edge subway tile question ?

Is it necessary when cutting beveled edge 4”x10” subway tile to bevel the corners to a 45• angle?  Also when putting the same tile on an outside corner would I need to use the long corner tile to but it up against to make it look right and finished?   Thank you for any help you can provide 

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  • 1 month ago

    its always a problem ..those subway tiles are laid brick bond .staggered ..and those particular tiles have the beveled edge when you reach a corner ..either internal or external you have a problem ..the cut tile to create the brick bond has an end with no bevel ..tile below and above does have the bevel ..looks awful ..i always use tile trim ..what i do is this ..say the length of the bevel section is an inch ..i remove the bevel on first tile .leaves a cut edge ..on next row above i cut the tile in half ..PLUS and inch extra removed ..this keeps the rest of tiling in proper dimensions ..and each tile at corners are all cut so tile trims work ok 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You should set it out from the external corner so that you have a whole tile. It is usual to use a tile corner trim as the corner is likely to get knocked and often the tile edge isn't fully glazed. You can mitre at internal corners but the other way is to scribe the second tile to suit the first so that you are not left with gaps. Depends what cutting capacity you have, mitre is certainly the neatest. You also want to take care not to have tiny slivers of tile at the corner, but obviously you are stuck with the dimensions you have.

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