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Do memories of being bullied ever go away?

I was bullied for years I'm school and life was at an all time low when I was 17 as I had no friends and was bullied everywhere I went and went through a phase of intense depression for a few momths

I made friends with a different group who bullied me too, but the only reason I hung out with them was because I had nobody else and hanging out with them made people in school stop bullying me 

I eventually fell out with that Horrible group of friends when I was 20 and have lots of real friends now and a very good job and a happy and fulfilling life and never get bullied anymore and never will be ever again.

I am now 27, but the memories have not gone away even though all of it was a long time ago. Some times I dwell on it more than others, but I feel like I never fully got over it despite moving on from the negativity in my life back then. I have some very bad days and to this day when I get into details I can't help but cry a bit, it's too hard not to be emotional.

Is this normal? Will the memories ever go away? Will I ever be able to freely talk about how I was bullied without getting upset?

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    4 weeks ago

    Yes I still remember sometimes about being bullied,  It was family members who bullied me, which really hurt because family is suspose to care about you more than anyone else.   I never see them anymore or even hear from them and it is fine with me.   I don't think of them to often,  but sometime something will make me think of what went on,  and I get sad at the time.  

  • 1 month ago

    Yes of course it's normal.  When we are feeling a bit blue it's sometimes nice to dwell on past miseries which feed the mood at the time.  It helps get it out of our systems.  The only time it's unhealthy is if it happens constantly because that could imply a deeper depression.  No, the memories are part of your history.  Try dwelling on some of the good times you've had in your life.  It's great you have grown out of that vulnerability you had when you were very young and have found a great circle of new friends.  Your life sounds like it's pretty well on track.  If this historical emotional baggage is upsetting you too much you could try a few sessions of counselling with a reputable counsellor/psychologist/hypnotist who will help you dump the unwanted baggage where it belongs - way back in history.  Good luck

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    This is a problem when you're 27 and your life is good? Really?

  • 1 month ago

    Not usually.  They lose their pain, perhaps.  Hard to bury them away so you "forget" them, and probably not all that good for your mental health when you do.  The best thing is to see them for what they are: in the past.  What happened is what happened, so pretending that it did not serves little good purpose.  gotta deal with the effects, and to do that, you have to face what happened and put it in its place where it won't cause you damage any more.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    is your life that boring you think of stuff from 10 years ago?

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