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why is my mom super angry I lost my virginity?

let's just say she walked in on me and my girl friend . . . and now she is angry and i'm grounded. so many people my age are doing 'it' so its not a big deal but she said im to young. i'm 14 btw. but a lot of my friends are doing 'it' with girls and their not grounded so why is my mum grounding me? how do i prove that i should be ungrounded?

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    1. Losing your virginity is a big deal. 2. It means you don't respect yourself or God's institution. 3. You probably won't respect rules at a job or at college. 4. If you got the girl pregnant or sick with an STD. You will be responsible for yourself. 5. Your family may have kicked you out of their will over it. 

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    **** little boy, she's right you're too young for that!!!!

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    1 month ago

    A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes .....  ie, You Wish, dreaming pervert.

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    I think that your mom did that due to a thing called "pregnancy" and "sexual illneses". First and foremost there's nothing wrong about having sexual relationships, the wrong one is that there are many irresponsible guys out there who only have sex without thinking in the future consequences and get their girlfriends pregnant and the ones who have the courage to stay by their partner and support her normally end up feeling frustration by seeing that their whole lives have changed forever because being a father is not easy. At that time the decisions that are gonna be taken will affect your life, your girlfriend's life and baby's life and is a little more complicated than being single. Let's imagine if you aren't really into your girlfriend and she gets pregnant, that's something awry.

    If you have sex, make sure you wear a condom and get worry for your girlfriend too, with all this you know the consequences. 


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    1 month ago

    Okay dipsh*t, I hope you wore a rubber.

    Maybe your mum doesn't want to have to pay child support

    to a girl having your kid.  This girl is just a flash in the pan and

    next year you will be banging a new girl.

    Wear a f...king rubber and don't get a girl pregnant, whatever you do.

    Your mum probably thought her "baby" would wait until marriage and

    marry the girl of his dreams.  This is real life.  Many mums don't have a clue

    about the real world.


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    You might explain to her that you know your gf's cycle, you have condoms and you're not some idiot who's going to destroy your life by getting another child pregnant. But I can't promise that your mother will accept that. At 14 you wouldn't be able to pay child support and once your sperm enters a female's body that's always a possibility - meaning your parents would probably have to pay. So they do get a vote on this. 

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    1 month ago

    14 and caught having sex. LOL. You are grounded for the rest of your life.

    #1 if you can't talk about it, don't do it.

    Becoming a father is ALWAYS an option, when having sex. Contraception only ever reduces the problem, it never entirely eliminates it.

    Do you have $30,000 to pay for the birth of each of your children ?

    Do you have $250,000 per child to spend raising them before you reach 40yo ?

    You have a GOOD mother, she has a immature, reckless son.

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    Maybe it is because you're a child and one that she is responsible for. What is the "legal" age where you live. I presume the USA.

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    It is a sin to do this outside of marriage. You should repent.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    You're asking random strangers on the internet to explain YOUR mother's anger to you? Why? Because we know her so much better than you do? Wow. She's right, you need to be grounded for about 1-2 years until you learn how actually reason like a semi-adult.

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