Does Ice-T act more Afro-Latino or black?

Everything about his persona and his music comes off more as the guapo ghetto charismatic Latin lover who gets the girls rather than the black OG trope.

The brutality.

I'm just curious. And he's Creole, which is definitely in the same kinda branch as Afro-Latino.

Also his music is more similar to Cypress Hill. I think of bomba music (Orquesta Querubin or Puchi Colon) when I hear his music. I can't even say his music is black

And that's not say he's ashamed of his black ancestry, but Afro-Latinos act different than blacks.

Ice-T could definitely be Corsican or Italian.

His accent sounds Afro-Latino

The only thing he doesn't do is say "bro" but Afro-Latinos don't.


*He can be Nuyorican or Italian

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  • Embery
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    Body count and Jello Biafra said hold my beer.

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