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Can I use pinesol on carpet extractor??? ?

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    The answer is it usually can be used on carpet extractor but it is always be recommended that you try it on a very small portion with the blotch technique to see if it removes any color... It differs with different carpets... It is very effective in removing the odor or smell and is said to remove 99% of the germs... Many people say it can not be used with a carpet extractor because it bubbles but actually it can... It just means you would have to fill it with water first then poor in the pinesol... If you have roll out carpets you will see why it is convenient to be able to clean your carpet with the same chemical that is used to mop a hard wood floor... I have always said roll out carpets over hardwood floor is much more economically correct and healthier because you can change it much faster and more often and for a better price because there is no labor to pay extra for... Carpets collect more bacteria then hard wood floors do especially if there is neglect in cleaning it as often as you should... 

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