Do you make up “movies” in your head?

So I am wondering if anyone else does this. But for example if I’m listening to music or trying to go to bed I will make a movie in my head. I will take a famous actor or singer in my head (example: Selena Gomez) and someone else (example: Dean Winchester) and come up with a plot and/or love story. Anyone else do this?

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  • 1 month ago
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    I always knew I wasn't the only person in this world who does this. And, music is the main motivator to my movies, as if, the movies revolve around the songs, or the songs were specifically created for scenes. 

    It's a form of daydreaming for me, but those movie scenes I create become vivid when I listen to particular songs. I have three or four movies plotted out in my head based on some of my favorite songs. I have already picked out opening songs, songs for great scenes throughout the movie, and closing songs too. 

    I star in a few of the movies, and since they are my daydreams, I'm the writer, director, and producer in addition to writing, playing, and singing on the soundtrack songs. I take it to the extreme in my fantasy projects. But, I'm the best at what I do in my mind. 

    Since I like a lot of different music, my fantasy movies have very unique songs driving them. I create music CDs based on my fantasy movies. So, when I play those songs, I fine tune my movie scene by scene, trying to make it the best it can be. A definite crowd-pleaser to say the least. One of my movies is in Spanish but the songs are in English. 

    You are only limited by your own imagination. If only I had the money to make my own movies. 

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