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why do economic experts tend to over-exaggerate or inflate numbers and cost of living ?

for example, there is this one economic expert who says making 50 k in Brooklyn is impossible or living on scraps ,even though the median income in Brooklyn is 54 k. although 50 k is not a lot of money in Brooklyn its still doable amount and you can still live in a safe decent area 

my only impression of him is that he probably must be very privileged to think that is nothing to live on and probably expects people to make 100 k a year to be middle class. 


curious,  are these economic experts really geared towards people who work white collar jobs so their standards are higher?? 

Update 2:

its not just him, I read another article about how one needs to make over 100 k a year to live comfortably in san Francisco 

I know a couple of guys who live in San Francisco making 60 k a year and are doing fine. sure they don't live in luxury apartments but they still get by fine 

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  • Oiy
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    1 month ago

    He is not talking about you. He is talking about himself. as an economist, it is impossible.

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