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Dream this intruder in my house was bulletproof?

I thought he was a friend but was not. He had a gun but it jammed, so I fired my guns but he just absorbed it. So then I used my sword and that got him.

Why the sword worked but not the guns?


Wow breakthrough,, that is deep thank you.

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    It might be telling you that discernment and wisdom and strategy and truth will conquer your opponent and surmount your obstacles but force and social dominance and aggression will only make you waste more time 

  • 1 month ago

    There are other ways of keeping your house safe from intruders, than with a gun. You must have a block from anyone firing a gun, as two ppl in this dream  had a gun.  The issue of your dream is not about swords, but rather an issue involving the use of guns.  Think about that for a few minutes and see if you come up with a better reason for this dream. 

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