Super Moon in a Dream?

Hello to you all.

I had an odd and almost frightening dream on the morning hours of October 22.

I'm a 27 year old woman in case if that has any relevance.

To keep it short, I dreamed I was in the hallways of the building where I live in real life. I saw some of the tenants, including myself, were going upstairs to the roof. It was night time. We had no clue why we were going up, but we did so. As we step outside on the roof, we all see the biggest super moon ever. So big, it looks like its about to collide with earth. The odd part was that the moon looked nearly similar to the death star from star wars. At least the markings and craters on the moon made it look like the death star. 

And when I mean really close to earth, I'm mean behind the buildings kind of close.

Moments later in the dream, rush down to my apartment to let my mother know about the moon and how close it is. I even tried to take a picture with my phone. But oddly enough, night was quickly transitioning to morning. The moon began setting behind the mountains. I quickly tried to get a picture of it while it was still visible.

I never had a dream like this.

Any interpretation will be appreciated.

Have a good one and stay safe from COVID.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    The dream means your not powerful enough to stop whatever is coming and neither is your social connection and popularity - make friends with the powerful one and don’t true to overthrow him because you will not be able to 

  • 1 month ago

    Your dream was so truly beautiful.  This October 2020, we do have a "second" Full moon on October 31, which is Halloween.  So we have two Full moons in the same month which only happens once a year.  I'm not even sure if it happens every year though.  So your dream captures what is so magical in the night sky on a Full Moon night. Your dream captures the mystical element of this extraordinary event.  Hope you go out to photograph the Halloween moon, as you did in your dream about the Super moon. 

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