How to dry in Hotpoint washer dryer?

I've now have integrated Hotpoint washer/dryer for over a year and hate it. Instructions are hopeless and hotpoint customer service dreadful. I am in an apt so no place to dry washing. If I have a few towels in I want them completely dry. Ability to read instructions no prob but not these. Example - l have wash cycle on and at end take some things not suitable for dryer out. To operate dry only it gives you several options and informs when showing only a cupboard symbol this is for washing completely dry ready to put away. Press machine for dry only which has cupboard symbol and 4hrs 15 mins. Not requiring that time but when you reduce times you no longer get the cupboard symbol on it's own and any other reduced time washing comes out as it went in after spinning. Therefore to dry completely I  require to put on for 4.15 mins but remove clothes around 2 hr mark. Worry I forget and over dry something. Hotpoints only answer was to put to lowest programme and put on dryer. I already do. Help!!!


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