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Why my contact lenses get blurry?

 For contact lenses users.. So I have worn them for over 2 years already I think.. and I used to wear another brand, but I noticed they would get blurry (kind of like a cloudy vision) by the end of the week, and even if I cleaned them with solution, it would fix it for like a moment and then they would turn blurry again, so I changed to another brand (copervision) and they were fine, 

just whenever I cry they would turn blurry too, but then if I switched to new ones after crying it was fine, until now... Now even if I switch to new ones, take them off and clean them, put a ton of eye drops, etc.. they’ll still be blurry, and it’s so annoying!! I have literally changed over 5 pairs of contacts.. in a day (not kidding), right now I just took them off, my eyes feel sore, I don’t know what else can I do.. I cannot go to an ophthalmologist rn, (because of the pandemic) Has this happened to anyone here??

 I wear soft contacts that last a month or two. Also my ophthalmologist told me (when first prescribed) that it’s ok to sleep with my contacts on, since they are soft.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    It would help a lot if you just wear glasses for a few days and when you do wear contacts again alternate between them and glasses. Contacts are nice but my eyes feel a lot better when I wear my glasses most of the time!

  • 1 month ago

    Are you sure that you can't get in to see an eye doctor. Optometrist generally know more about contact lenses than ophthalmologists do. Your lenses were not OK to sleep in because they were soft. They were OK to sleep in because they were made out of a material that transmits a lot of oxygen. You probably need to start wearing daily replacement lenses.

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