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Do batteries lose their quality if they're unused for years?

ive found a pretty good deal on a ps4 controller

its production date goes back to 2014

i wonder if the battery isnt gonna have the same lifetime as it had when it was built...

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    given the nature of li-ion battery chemistry; it should last long enough for you not to ever notice. IE I have an 2011 iPod classic that I use everyday and the battery lasts as long as it did when I first bought it because I only charge it when it needs charging.

    if it's brand new but made in 2014 - it will be fine. if it was made in 2014 and had light use, it will be fine. however if it's been heavily used and charged a lot, that will affect its lifespan but as mentioned; you can change the batteries in them. 

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    I think so, i have faced this kind of problem

  • khalil
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    1 month ago

    yes .... they have a date of BEST BEFORE fact, it eats itself.

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    All batteries deteriorate over time whether they are used or not. 

    Different types of rechargeable batteries are affected in different ways. 

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  • art
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    1 month ago

    you do realise that you can get the batteries changed

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