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Is comunism a bad thing?

There’s so much information on it and the topic of comunism really confuses me. 

Can someone please go into a little depth of what comunism means and why it is a good and or bad thing?

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    Yes, it is a bad thing. It has brought misery, famine and bloodshed everywhere it has been tried.

     Here are some reasons why: First of all, it replaces the natural economic rules of supply and demand with central planning. While the natural laws of supply and demand seem heartless, central planning put to much power in the hands of a few who nearly always make mistakes. For example when it came to choosing a career, I chose to borrow money to pursue a career in high demand. If all jobs paid the same, I would have likely chosen something else and not worked as hard.Another reason is that the more you share, the more interest you have in what someone else does. Suppose you and I are separated by fifty miles of wilderness. I would have almost no interest in telling you what to do. Now suppose you move in next door and we share a street. Suddenly your junk cars and unmown weeds become very important to me. If I am going to have to support you through my taxes if you become disabled, I become more interested in making you wear seat belts and a motorcycle helmet. If I am going to cover your health insurance, I may feel that I have a right to refuse to let you buy a 64 oz. Dr. Pepper. Communism is the sharing of everything and so it always results in totalitarianism. If we are sharing all of the fruits of your labors, it becomes my business how much time you spend in leisure activities or worshiping a god that i view as false. One of the best explanations of the evils of communism is George Orwell's "Animal Farm."

    Voluntarily sharing your stuff with someone else is great. It's easy to see how someone might think compelling everyone to share would be even better. It is not.

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    It's great!  It's the government possible because there really is no government!  There's only one problem: It's not possible for us humans or other animals. 

    Our attempts at it end up in corruption and greed,  but that's our problems projected on an impossible form of government. 

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    --  Communism as an economic system and the idea is excellent. It looks after the people with food, health, education, social welfare and work.

    --  The correct Marxist/communist definition of communism is -- "The ownership by the people, through the government, of the means of production, distribution and exchange". It is also where people are paid according to their needs --  A cleaner is paid the same as a doctor.--  Unfortunately, communism has never worked at a national level, only at small tribal level. That is because people are naturally greedy. selfish and self-centred to allow communism to work.

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