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how can you cure paranoia?

i'm male in my 40s now and a lot of my life i have suffered paranoid delusions, my official diagnosis is a personality disorder....but i often feel paranoid and think people are persecuting me in someway or people are talking about me and referring negative things towards me, when they don't know me....which causes me to feel outraged.

there is a big waiting list for therapy, as everyone wants that now & i'm on an antipsychotic drug called ablify which helps a little bit, but not a a cure for the paranoid ideas about people.

what can help me?


and thanks to judy & charlie too.

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    Stop thinking about yourself.  Learn how to do something else and concentrate on it.  Like fishing or stocking shelves in a grocery store.  Both are complex, if you think about it. And, it you think about it, you won't be worrying about yourself and will be normal.

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     Paranoia is fear increased by triggers and anxiety. Some people just seem to grow out of it. But I think they just learn how not to react to the triggers. It is possible to heal old traumas. Fear is an intrinsic part of being a human animal, but there is a natural reset that gets stuck turned on in the nervous system…paranoia is an extreme example. It can be reset if it’s not blocked or broken in some other way.

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    Follow the treatment prescribed by qualified mental-health professionals. 

    Maintain a balanced and stable daily routine.

    Stay physically active.

    Get enough sleep.

    Take time each day to relax.

    Eat a nutritious and balanced diet.

    Limit alcohol consumption and drugs that are not prescribed for you.

    Avoid isolation; spend time with people whom you trust and who care for you.

    Give attention to your spiritual needs. 


    What You Should Know About Mental Disorders

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    I would contact the doctor who has prescribed your Abilify and talk to him or her about this.  You may be given an appointment to come in for a medication adjustment or evaluation.

    But in the meantime, work on your physical health and go out for a walk on a daily basis.  Medical science has proven that simple walking exercise promotes blood flow and oxygenation to the brain which is beneficial for ALL types of mental or emotional illness.

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    Pin point what you are paranoid.

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