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How should I interact with a delusional person? Confrontation with reality seems out of the question.?

So I've met this woman, she's in her 50's and we're getting along great. She started opening up to me and eventually told me about some horrible and traumatic stuff she went through. 

What I think might be sort of a coping mechanism, she believes in supernatural forces.

I've heard stories of how she interacted with angels, people from afterlife and other supernatural beings; which made me think she's probably delusional.

She's also prone to believe in many conspiracy theories. I am patient and ok with an open discussion, providing facts and arguments. In some conspiratory cases I've been successful, but I'm quite sure that this won't be enough to confront her delusion and make her face the reality.

But this might not be a good idea anyway and I don't want to harm her mental health.

Any ideas how and what to communicate to her? Should I just go along with her delusion (she's not hurting anyone and she's self-sufficient) or somehow slowly point her to a psychiatric professional? Surely the latter will make me look like the bad guy, since she's 100% sure about her reality.

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    You can maintain your friendship with this woman as long as YOU remain grounded in reality.  Just stick to your own beliefs and points of view but you DO NOT HAVE TO ACCEPT HERS and you can tell her why.

    She will either become comfortable with you or eventually grow away from you.

    As long as you treat her respectfully but do not go along with delusional or fantasy thinking, she may consider you a least one who is grounded in reality.

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    Leave her treatment to professionals. If you believe she might hurt herself or others, then notify the appropriate authorities to look after her. This is not your problem to solve, although it's nice that you care.

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