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Professional School Counseling Question?

I am in a school counseling program and I have a question. In my program I can be a mental health counselor. Would you guys recommend that? I know some teachers and professors say do not add on more schooling just because someone says so because sometimes you do not need to. I just want input from school counselors and mental health counselors. Also, my work is paying for it and I am just thinking about how I do not think I can say here after my two years is up for my original PSC program.

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    Two things here:

    1)  If your employer is paying for ADDITIONAL training, it is NEVER LOST!  It's free to you and it goes on your curriculum vitae, which is a plus.  Also, it is solid knowledge you may use in other facets of your work life. 

    2)  Each state in the union has different prerequisites for licensing "counselors" and some have none at all.  Remember that other licensed professionals such as psychologists and mental health social workers need a state license.  But counseling can be anything from religious counseling by a priest or rabbi or a drug and alcoholism counselor.  Check with your state and ask your local school board about what is necessary to get a job as a school counselor.

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