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Will the pandemic last forever?

How many more months do we have left of people dying everyday of the pandemic?

Will the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that infects/causes deaths everyday ever come to an end so we can have normal lives again without cancelled events with thousands of fans in one Venue again where people are Traveling/Eating in Restaurants/Work? Will people ever stop dying everyday from this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic? As I have asked before, in what month will COVID-19 end? In what month will 90% of the World’s population stop becoming infected from the pandemic we know now, and when will people stop dying from it how many more months do we have left of Social Distancing, and Cancelled Events, and when will we all stop wearing our masks in public? Will COVID-19 last forever?

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    The hope is that there will be treatments or vaccines. Some people have had to go through far worse like a World War or having their homes bombed night after night. I wonder what they would have made of this generation.  No good complaining about it, it could easily be with us for years, just as other events have been.

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