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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 1 month ago

Are all the global warming deniers here paid by fossil fuel companies?

I wouldn't think so, but they keep making the false claim that people they disagree with are paid to post here by conservation organizations, so I was wondering if that's what makes them think that.


Oh, poor "Hot Weather Girls...", this clown (Climate Clown, Horse, The Yahoo Joker, Zany Dog, etc.) believes that if he says the same thing 500 times without proof, it becomes true. It is the same sort of magical thinking that today's right-wing extremists apply to everything--maybe coronavirus will be gone by Easter, or by election day or maybe if we all pray then whackos with semiautomatic weapons will stop shooting people, or we slash taxes on the rich, then tax revenues will go up!

Update 2:

Fred G (i.e., the Clown Troll), feel free to take down everything I say and quote me in the future.  I make it easy by leaving my Q&A open for everyone to look at.  Usually are "quoting" something they half-remember posted by someone else or posted anonymously, then try to use it against me. If it doesn't say "Dirac", I didn't say it.

Update 3:

Daro, did you even read what it said right beneath the question? It said that I didn't believe it, but the dodos on your denial side are always claiming that us science-literates are paid for by Soros or conservation groups.

Update 4:

I'm not sure why someone like Armouror not only lies, but chooses to lie about something that is so easily refuted. He says "Australia Had its COLDEST July for 100 years..." when in fact the Bureau of Meteorology says "For Australia as a whole the national mean temperature was above average at 0.99 °C warmer than average for July."

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  • 1 month ago

    Australia Had its COLDEST July for 100 years and Adelaide had its coldest July ever recorded

    and the Polar bears are Growing in numbers

    HERE IS Proof of my statement

    Monday, 3 August 2020 - Monthly Climate Summary for South Australia - Product code IDCKGC13R0South Australia in July 2020: very dry, warm days and cold nightsRainfall in July was below to very much below average across large parts of South Australia and overall it was the state's driest July since 1997. Daytime temperatures were warmer than average throughout the state, including large areas of very much above average maximum temperatures, however night-time temperatures were below to very much below average across most of central and eastern South Australia.Coldest nights since 2012Night-time temperatures were below to very much below average across most of central and eastern South Australia, but were warmer than average in the far west.The mean minimum temperature for South Australia as a whole was 1.01 °C below average, the lowest since 2012.Daytime temperatures were warmer than average throughout the state, including large areas of very much above average maximum temperatures.The mean maximum temperature for the state as a whole was 1.41 °C above average, which, after several very warm years, was the lowest since 2016.The overall mean temperature for South Australia was 0.20 °C warmer than average, the lowest since 2015.Clear skies and cold nights were common during the month and some sites had their lowest July temperature on record.The current Snowtown (Rayville Park) site equalled or exceeded its coldest July night on record 4 times during the month and its -4.5 °C on the 28th not only equalled the current site's record for any month, it was also below the record for the old Snowtown site (-4.4 °C on 10 July 1959), with data back to 1908.Several sites had their lowest July mean daily minimum temperature on record or their lowest July mean daily minimum temperature for at least 20 years.The cold nights resulted in some sites equalling their lowest July mean temperature on record or having their lowest July mean temperature since 1998. ( Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology 2020  as i say I never Lie

    Note Western Australia Adelaide to Perth is car 2691 km or car 1672 miles Like comparing Canada to Mexico


  • ?
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    1 month ago

    Nah! We don't need someone to pay us for what we think. It is free and is beneficial to mankind. It is only nincompoops that need to be paid for their crooked evil thoughts that originated by some vicious evil low life, such as Soros, a Nazi collaborator. Think about it! 

    You couldn't pay me enough to lie. But you who spew lies, deceit, and false rumors have to be paid to do so. What is Soros paying you? A nickel a word? You mean to tell me that you would sell out mankind for a few measly bucks? Ha! Ha! Evilness comes cheap nowadays. 

  • Koshka
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    1 month ago

    These trolls (I think there are two of them) are not bright enough, they are scientific illiterates too. If anyone would have been paid by FFC's it could have been OM, he was bright, polite and calm. Although I'm aware he had a way to subtly insult climate scientist, but asides from that he was smart enough to be a candidate, IMO.

    These trolls have done the exact same thing in the Military category. The same pattern, the same abuse of TU in their favour and TD in the ones they disliked. Ironically they also attacked a hardcore Conservative. IDK why, but they did.

    Anyone can do a quick investigation, I have taken and saved a few screenshot and links =)

    Put the names: Leo Black, Little Mickey and Ninefingers in search answer box and I guarantee you that in less than 5 minutes you'll find obvious similarities. So they are just malicious veterans with too much time on their hand and one of them is certainly a sociopath. But like I said, they are not bright or knowledgeable enough to be paid by big oil.

    Source(s): The Nemesis
  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I copied this post from Dirac so I can paste it in future comments of his.. It shows what an extreme leftist nutjob he is... Just another hateful libtard with too much time on his hands.. 

    Good times, I got the nutjob to call me 'the Clown Troll'.. I kind of like it.. Maybe I will change my name to that.. In the end Dirac is still a whack job... I hope he doesn't have a pet to kick or a child anywhere near him.. 

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Dirac is paid by Big Green. GUARANTEED!

  • Pindar
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    1 month ago

    Fossil fuel companies are heavily invested in the green sector and global warming hoax. They make billions from it, so your childish claim makes no sense.

  • JimZ
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    1 month ago

    I have a 401K like most people and therefore am "paid" by fossil fuel companies.  I'm sure I'm paid by renewable companies too.  Environmental groups on the other hand are mostly parasites and I probably have to pay them and that is pretty much true of everyone, even those without a 401k.  

  • LOL.  Dirac got caught, so he's pointing the finger & playing dumb.  Typical criminal behavior.


    Alarmists trolls: Caught using a bot.  Caught with stolen Yahoo accounts.  Caught lying about socks.  Caught posting fake questions. Caught using dozens/hundreds of accounts.  Caught deleting thousands of Q&A.  Someone stationed here 24-7 moving questions.  For 15 years.

    That's what makes us think that.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No. They are obviously too stupid to be paid any money by petroleum companies.  At one point, they filled this whole category with soft pornography.  This is clearly not the behavior of intelligent employees.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Not me.  I'm paid by the Political Action Committee called DDD or  "Deniers to Dis Dirac".  Good paycheck, too!

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