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How To Tell It Really A Fake Social Security Admin. Phone Call? ?

I got this message left on the answering machine, it say:

"This is officer Williams from Social Security Administration, we have been tested to serve you."

After that it goes on to saying papers to sign and a warrant it will be serve from 3-5pm tomorrow. If you are not there to sign it, then it goes to your local sheriff and you have to go there to sign it. If you are not at the sheriff to sign it, then it goes to court case and your Social Security will be suspended. At the end it give a phone number to call that 910-933-0979. It say it will repeat the number, but it  just ended with a light beep. My home phone still has room for messages

The Caller ID for the call is Oak Island NC 

That about it with phone number as part of the Caller ID.

The reason I want to make sure it really really fake, is because  I'm getting Social Security, because of my Mental Health. 

Of all my time getting Social Security benefits, never gotten a phone call from them. Only letters from them, like over payed a little and so on.

I understand about fake and robo calls. Just want to make sure this not a rare of rare call from Social Security Admin. I did look up the phone number, 910-933-0979 online. But didn't find anything yet so far.


I know there a lot types of fake SS phone, just wanted to make sure this one is also a fake one  and not a rare of rare, call that really from them. Just like there fake calls from the Chinese consulate, IRS, etc.....

Update 2:

When it said papers to sign and a warrant will be serve from 3-5pm. As I took it at your home in that time frame. Like a when a certified letter or package come and has to be signed for. IF you are not home for it, then it goes to your local sheriff and you have to go there to sign it. IF not, then it goes to court case and your Social Security will be suspended. 

Update 3:

Those people make sound so so real, like it even one of those very very rear time SS would really call. Like it something big that they know.  

Now I wonder do those people, that did the call do know one's home address, they called. That they still come to your home as fake SS people,  to do something bad(break in, etc..). Because of the time frame they said it  will be serve. Are they calling from your city or somewhere else(Indina, North Carolina, Easten Europe, etc..). With a fake location?

Update 4:

Of course no one's name was mention in anyway like who the call for.

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  • garry
    Lv 5
    1 month ago

    simple they should have given you there name and you should have asked for his number to call back , next time they call , tell them you have reported them to the police and see if they hang up , lol soon figure out its fake , or even ring the sherrifs office , they will tell you .. you know its a federal offence i they are not an employee .

  • 1 month ago

    Call Social Security and explain the situation to them. BTW: be prepared to wait a long time on the phone when calling those people.

  • 1 month ago

    The SSA will not call you, they will send letters.  The SSA does not and cannot issue warrants.  

  • 1 month ago

    Spike, be assured that this is a fake call. Simple as that. Don't call the number given.

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  • 1 month ago

    Any call from someone claiming to be with 'the government', 'microsoft', 'apple', etc and wanting you to pay them via gift cards is a scam.

    Any call from someone claiming to be with law enforcement who tells you that there's an arrest warrant for you is a scam. (the police will never tip you off that they're coming looking for you)

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nobody from SS will call you like that. The only time they would call you is if you have some kind of active issue you’re dealing with and you gave your phone number to call back. They will not call you unsolicited. They will send you a letter in the mail on official letterhead. Same goes for the IRS. Scammers will just keep calling people till they get someone gullible enough to fall for whatever they’re doing. If you’re ever not sure, just call SS using the phone number listed on google (not the number given in the call). 

  • 1 month ago

    100% a scam....

  • 1 month ago

    1. Employees of the Social Security Administration don't call themselves officers.

    2. The Social Security Administration is federal, so if they got a warrant, it would not go to the sheriff.

    3. They wouldn't have sign something at the sheriff.  If they wanted you to sign something, they would probably mail it to you, but if they really needed you to sign in person a government office, it would be their office, not the sheriff.

    4. They also wouldn't have called; if any of this was true, they would have sent a letter.

  • Med 10
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Ignore those calls. If it really bothers you, call your local SS office. I did, and just by chance as I was listening to the menu it talked about scam phone calls

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