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Was I wrong???

This woman recently helped us a lot while we moved houses and my wife told her she was her best friend to continue receiving help. However since the woman had no fashion sense, my wife blocked on social media. However the woman recently got to know and told my wife she felt awful and heartbroken and asked if she did anything wrong. My wife couldn't say anything, so I grabbed the phone and yelled at her saying it's my wife's choice to have who she wants on fb. She told me to stay out of it, but we didn't need her help anymore and I defended my wife. (Pls be nice)

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    You make it clear that the two of you used this woman for as long as it suited you and it was likely best that you clarified for her the "what's up" of fact. 

  • Embery
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    "Best friend" is a childs' construct, grow up.

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