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Does wisdom begin when one decides to always follow their own conscience?

Your conscience is there to help correct your thinking, feelings and what you do or don't undertake. It is your naturally given guide in life. Everyone naturally has the choice, but so many ignore their conscience and suffer for it later.



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Sounds more like an error in judgement and entirely unrelated.

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    Wisdom is the knowledge to do good. To good is part of your conscience reasonings about outcomes. So yes, if you have an idea of what is good and you are acting to bring it about, your conscience will direct the way.

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    The expression of wisdom is helped by being able to express oneself well in everyday technicalities of language.

    "..when one decides to always follow one's own conscience."

    (Elimination of split infinitives has always been optional.)

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    This assumes one HAS a conscience and that it is made up of "good" values.  In that special case, then yes it is wise to follow one's.  But wisdom is more than that.  That is just one example or manifestation of wisdom.

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    Wisdom is "wise dominion," literally "learned judgment."

    Conscience is "knowing what is right," literally "to know with," and originally linked to Christian moral teaching.

    A secular example of conscience:'s_hierarchy_o... which research summarizes the general dynamic of wise dominion n human life.  Interestingly, about 97% of self-actualizers find, by knowing what is right, a natural dynamic that includes a higher power.

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    No, your conscience may be misinformed about whats wise. Example: in learning to fly a plane, if you get too slow and the wing stalls, the nose often drops abruptly toward the ground. Unless you've been told otherwise your conscience tells you that you should pull back on the yoke to get the nose up, but that's exactly opposite of what needs to be done to break the stall and avoid crashing. 

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    The Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.  The  conscience is God-given.  In a Christian, the Holy Spirit   lets you know when you are out of line.  But it's possible to quench the Holy Spirit.   And most of us  learn early on to ignore our conscience and make excuses for our bad behavior. 

    Source(s): Proverbs 9:10
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