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Are some people meant to be alone?

I'm basically kicked out of my family due to things that have nothing to do with me. I have a very hard time with women. I'm 36 and just don't have any friends or anything. Are some people meant to be alone?

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    Some people have not been equipped with the coping or social skills to create and maintain healthy relationships. Yet, one can develop social skills by accepting that although a group of people are related by blood, they are not automatically healthy or beneficial for all. 

    One can create new, healthy relationships by reshaping their outlook, possibly with the help of therapy, and taking up new hobbies for adults....joining co-ed groups to meet both males and females and not only will this be fun, but this will provide the healthy socialization adults benefit from. Some people are introverts, which psychology has adjusted to mean where u get ur energy from. Like, an extrovert get energy and life from interacting with lots of people and feels uplifted and empowered by this, whereas introverts can actually be social as well, but prefer limitied amounts as too much interaction makes them feel drained. It does not mean the socially awkard kid who people have only say one word, two years ago, sitting in the basement with no friends. 

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    How many times are you going to ask this?

  • Helen
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    Yes some people are meant to be alone.

    It doesn't sound as though you're one of them.

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    meant to be


    maybe the world is evil


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    Yes, it's often noticed at the age of 4 or 5, when the child is rejected by his/her peers and given fake smiles by the adults (cause he/she is still behaving like a 2 year old, stunted development from neglect and stuff).  The effects of growing up in such an environment can be lasting if not dealt with appropriately.  As an adult, you will still be much like a child.  I am one of these people because i was born into voodoo cult, treated as an experimental object for amusement.  I enjoy my own company, can entertain myself quite well.  At one point, i even went an entire year without speaking with anyone.  No love lost.  It's just the way I am. Yes, I get lonely sometimes, but am quickly reminded as to why I am alone when I try to go out and meet people.  I do not relate with humans much at all, just a few.  Most humans don't know of the reality I know. I'm 44 now.  In the elderly years, we are the ones mostly likely to commit suicide. 

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