What are people suppose to notice as they do Mindfulness, is it working or not so far?

What are the stuff anyone suppose notice as they do Mindfulness? So they know is it working or not, or natural, it either working or not working. So that even when they don't have any bad or uncomfortable things, situation to face(well what each person would consider in their mind) as giving a try. It is working, not working or natural. So that one know the next time when he or she do have to see someone one like a teacher's office hour, talk to someone at a clinic, ask a store worker or banker, etc... It has already gotten better to a certain point better for that person. He or she don't have too much feeling and hesitation of yes do it, no, just do it even I don't like it(with a little bit of heart palpitation, body a little tense, etc....).

Even in daily life, it don't over whelm or feel something. When they do stuff they they have done so many many times like brush teeth make a meal, watch TV, etc..... Some might consider it for no reason, or there is a reason, but they don't know why. Also is the person doing something wrong or how they go about it wrong. Of course it not just enjoyment or fun stuff like playing a video game, watching TV, going window shopping, hanging out with friend(s), etc.... One can't kind of don't care or be like even listening to music.

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    You go in with "willpower" and "attention".

    You use willpower to make things to go well and to do the details that are required.

    You have certain expectations and anticipation about how things are and you notice how things are "always the same" or "the opposite of how you expect".

    As time passes, that turns into humor as reality sets in and others' behavior surprises you.

    You accept others and yourself and funny things happen to funny people.

    Your decision-making for your next activity hinges on your capacity for that humor.

    This humor is as good as it gets - there's no improving from time to time.  

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