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is it illegal for someone to not tell you that they have herpes? ?

I have been seeing this guy and last night i noticed a bump on his lip. Going through his photos the same bump has been there for over five years... Im not sure how i did not see this before, but we have had sex. I noticed a burning sensation on my lower lip on Saturday, but it has not come back. Is it rude to ask him what the bump on his lip is? 

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    It's not illegal to tell someone they have STD. A bump could be from an old wound or injury. Just ask that person.

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    whoa it is not a nice things to do

  • It's not illegal, because it's not life threatening.

    It's not rude to ask at all, but he may not know what's causing it, or he may not tell the truth about it. Also other things then herpes can cause bumps on the lips. If you think you were exposed, then see your doctor and ask them about getting tested. 

    It may not be herpes if it's been there constantly for 5 years. Herpes on the lip looks more like a sore or blister, it's not typically a bump. Herpes comes and goes away, break outs are not permanent. 

    If you want to try suing them then get some legal advice before you do so. 

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    No it’s not, oral herpes is extremely common and not even considered a STI, and a bump for 5 years in NOT oral herpes. If everyone with oral herpes by law was required to tell you, probably 70% of the population would be affected.

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    I have a bump on my lip because I fell and jammed my face into a marble table top.  I would certainly hope no one thinks that means I have herpes!  

    There's nothing wrong with asking someone about something on their face.  It's all about how you ask.  As I said above, don't accuse him of anything without cause or use an angry tone of voice.  Just be matter-of-fact, saying something such as "I noticed that bump on your lip. How did that happen?

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    1 month ago

    still not herpes

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