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Are Spanish/German MFL teachers needed or only French/Spanish in the UK education system?

Hi, I 've been looking for a job and can only find jobs for Spanish/French and not Spanish/German teachers . Should I just quit my German studies and keep with French instead? Is German not much taught in the UK education system? When I was working at a school using my Spanish the teachers only taught Spanish and French. Thanks

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    French is the default additional language taught in England AFAIK, with Spanish and German being optional extras. 

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    It just depends on the school.  It might be hard to find reliable statistics across the UK.

    Over 60 years ago French was the first foreign language to learn, (I learned French then German - German by choice) but things are now more diverse. Spanish is certainly popular, and possibly Mandarin Chinese is too.

    Might I assume that you are not a UK citizen, not living in the UK at the moment and are hoping to work here?  Check work visas etc before you arrive here, especially if you arrive after full Brexit in 31st December.

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    My grandsons schools only teach French. Why would any of them teach Spanish ?


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    I live in Scotland and German is not taught in our high schools, just french and Spanish but mainly french

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    > Should I just quit my German studies and keep with French instead?

    Probably not. German is the biggest language in the EU, and as the war fades into the past, people will be less averse to learning German. You may have to teach it outside a school

    If teaching languages is your passion, and you have the time/resources, I'd even encourage you to take Esperanto on the side

    See wikipedia Propaedeutic_value_of_esperanto

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