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i have attachment issues to my teacher!?

so i met this teacher the start of my 11th grade year and we had a love/hate relationship. still she would always defend me to others and help me out. i ended up repeating her class the 1st semester of senior year after failing for never being there, and we had a conversation about my deceased mother where she realized that i wasn’t over it. i began to stay after school everyday in her class and would just sit with her until she had to go, and she fought with the counselors and principal to get me counseling and eventually she “adopted me” as her daughter (she has no kids of her own). i had her again second semester for a senior class but it was cut off early by corona. i had bought her a gift for mother’s day, her birthday, and teacher appreciation combined. i even still keep in contact with her through text every once in a while. but i miss her tremendously and even though i know she loves me i have a hard time expressing my appreciation for her and i have a hard time reaching out to her first. because ik that i’ve adopted her as a mother in my head and i’m scared to force her into something she doesn’t actually want and plus she still was professional and knows that’s she was my teacher. i just really miss her and am insanely attached to her as if she was my mom. i don’t think anything is wrong with it, i just want to know others opinions and to see what i can do to heal attachment issues like aide i feel like i owe her the world for caring for me at a low time.

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    You might be able to visit. 

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