Daughter's behavior problem ?

Hi. I'm from Bangalore. We were in US for 4 years. My problem is my daughter's behavior. She is 19 years old she is doing degree. She have many friends in her college especially boys. In US she used to wear modern outfits and it's little bit skin exposing dresses. I didn't bothered about that, because in US, it's common. But, here, she doing the same. She using very short and low neck outfits. I told her to not to use these type of dresses in India. But she doing the same. She is very conscious about her beauty and doing wax and going beauty parlor etc. That's not a problem, the problem is her dressing. 2 days ago I checked her phone. And I found many photos that clearly shows her breasts, bare belly and thighs . And I saw some chat with her boys friends. She had sent her these type photos to them. And their comments was little bit vulgar . But her replies shows that, she liked their comments. I asked her about this. But she said it was just a joke. Now her whats app is connected to my phone. I again saw that she still sending her hot photos to her boys friends. I again told her not to do that, but doing the same, What can I do? Please tell me.

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    Hmmm, well moving around the world can be very stressful.

    First of all, i understand your trying to protect your daughter, but forcing to just all the sudden change her entire style and identity is just not going to fly, especially in a teenage girl. The reason she is acting the way she is , it is because she is rebelling against you, because she fells ignored and backlogged. I understand that moving into a new culture, that demands  different way of life is hard, and respecting the local customs and cultures is important. But striping someone of their identity, is also unacceptable. I recommended trying to negotiate with trendy dress, but with some more modesty. In exchange ask her stop sending the photos, that part is unacceptable, regardless. Good luck Mrs.

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    Take her phone away if you are paying the bill!

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