Why can’t selfishness be of non-existence, and why can’t we all have God’s Love with only one Universal Language where evil does not exist?

Why do we 

make Government like Xi Jinping, and Donald Trump, and why does God allow bad evil human beings to cause Wars like Osama bin Laden did, and like Saddam Hussein did, and like Adolf Hitler did, and more importantly, why does God allow selfishness in humanity, and why we can’t be Loving? Why is Utopia impossible in earth though propaganda assails us in philosophy if men like in a brave New world it's usually more like 1984? 

Yes there is a place called paradise as Jesus said so, and it would be better than spirit prison or the lake if fire and then outer darkness but why can’t that be here on earth? What if the World was a Heaven-like utopia?

What if history had no socialists, and no communists? Imagine if history was all about Love in humanity and following the disciples and following the Love of Jesus Christ instead of evil? What if just like the John Lennon song, “Imagine,” humanity and science to all humanity on Planet Earth was all about love and being equal, and not about evil and survival, and what if free will in human society of the human race of all of us on Planet Earth was all about giving, instead of getting? Imagine if we lived in a World where socialism, nor-Nazis, communism, radicalism, and those who are anti-peace and are against those who are peacemakers all loved peacemakers? What if we weren’t all about starvation, but rather love and being each other’s saviors as one big family? Why can’t we as humans not be selfish? Why can’t selfish be fantasy?

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