Is This Really How Mindfulness Works For Anyone?

Is it really true for mindfulness to work for anyone, the person also has to face the bad thing(s), feel it, and not let anything get in the way of not doing it. Just knowing it there not enough?

Is that really the only way?

What I don't like or feeling, I just go watch TV, go for a walk, do anything that fun for me and don't care about it. It will go away for good. That would mean mindfulness is not working at all or right, IF anything that enjoyment get in there or in the way.

No matter the person has any kinds of Mental Health Disorder or not..

So is that really true am I missing something, that it not always true for Mindfulness to work, there has to be bad, uncomfortable things to face. That enjoyment and fun can not get in the way?

So what do you all know about Mindfulness when it is working for a person.

1 Answer

  • 2 months ago

    Praying helps us when we have troubles..GOD WILL LISTEN.

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