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How to organize the travel?

2-Is it hard to travel now? Why?

3- How much money to bring?

4- What's gifts to family?

5- Is Austria easy to enter?

6- Is it good to buy travel books?

7- Is it good to buy computer, tecnologic magasines ans books?

8- How many photos take and how to stock them?


I mean enter even because the covid.

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  • hihi!
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    1 month ago

    2- yes. COVID 19.02.01

    3- AUSTRIA $1000 USD Thailand $200

    4-something unique Austrian coffee

    5-Schengen state... yes



    8-1000 or more. They store well on a 32 GB micro SD card. Organize as you wish. The bad ones delete easily.

  • 1 month ago

    1 - 'why'? Really?

    Maybe read the news...

  • Jake
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    1 month ago

    St. Christopher is the patron saint of those who travel.  It is good to honor him by reciting novenas and other prayers in his honor.  It is also good to honor him on his feast day and to visit Catholic churches named after him and to venerate statues of him that have been blessed by a Catholic priest.

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