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American airlines first class upgrade ?

I am flying in 2 weeks with a 5am American airlines flight.  I paid to be in the section behind first class but was thinking of upgrading to first just for fun. Right now it says its about 150 if I wanted to upgrade.

Is there any chance I could get it cheaper at the airport the morning of? How does upgrading day of for an airline work? Again its just for fun so wouldn't be disappointed if it didn't happen.

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  • It's not going to be cheaper at the airport; if anything it would likely be more.  So either pay it or don't.  

    Airlines typically upgrade based on loyalty status, with their highest level status most likely to get upgraded.  So if you have Platinum status, you're more likely to get upgraded.

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    I just paid the 150

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    I remember you could do this for coach if there was seats available at the last minute. (But that was years ago.) As for first class it is highly unlikely. First class seats tend to get taken up fast.

    I say go ahead and invest the $150 and have fun with some luxury.

    Source(s): Work part-time at an airport.
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    No, it won't be cheaper at the airport. The airline will sometimes upgrade frequent fliers for free if there are available seats but you have to pay the going rate to buy an upgrade.

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    Not likely. In fact, more than likely, all of the first class seats will be gone. Beginning about 96 hours before departure, elite frequent fliers will have the opportunity to upgrade.  Depending on the route, most of the time elites will take all the empty seats.  but as you say if it doesn't really matter then you may as well roll the dice but if you really do want an upgrade, you should do it now. There are times when there double or triple the number of elites waiting for upgrades than there are seats available. If it's a tough transcon route, forget it. Hawaii route, neigh.  Basically any route with lots of rich people or business travelers.  When I was an elite flier with AA, about the only time I got upgrades were on red-eyes when you didn't get any service anyhow 

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