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lala asked in Entertainment & MusicHoroscopes · 3 months ago

astrology ?

Here for those who astrology is just rubbish and for those who say astrology as no effect on us 

At birth I had  Saturn conjunct to my MID heaven 

Here what it says 

IN the natal Saturn conjuct Mid heaven it mean hard work and lots of responsabilites are your Karmic destiny 

You will feel a strong sense of duty and you will strive with determination to do 

something significant in your life 

 At 78 I can SAY Everything is True 

Even as a child i had lots of responsability 

and all my life was full of responsability 


Instead of astrology I Meant PL AN ETS

Update 2:

For those who are saying ;;what you have done in your life 

WELL this my PRIVATE LIFE and nobody will KNow what i have done 

Update 3:

I NEVER thought there were so MANY jealous here on the horoscope section 

People who think they are above everybody ;;OH YES !!!! there lots 

tHey hate truth  so they insult the questioner 

Good job NOW I know who you are !!!!!!!  A bunch of miserable who are so low and proceed to make other people feel what they suffer everyday 

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  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    It turns out, people that believe in astrology lack, not only reasoning, but they have terrible punctuation and grammar too. 

    Coincidences will be coincidences, and you can’t change that at your own leisure. Accept that astrology is fake and you aren’t persuading anyone, and move on.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    >>Are we just supposed to accept this on your say so?<<

    Why not?  You make all sorts of wild claims and never offer any evidence whatsoever.  All you ever offer are anecdotes (and most of the time not even that), Yet somehow, the rules don't apply to you - only to the things you don't like.  Such a baby. 

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