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what city (Airport) ?

What city (Airport) in the USA has the best location for international flights? Some peope say Denver because its in the middle of the USA others say NYC because its closer to Europe. What are the best ones ? 

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    Denver is OK. I hated flying out of there in Winter though - VERY cold, snow, etc.

    Really L.A. isn't so bad. I sometimes fly West from Phoenix, to pick up a transatlantic flight in business class.

    East coast, JFK is OK except at sunset the places is snied out with British Airways flights. A bit of fog can delay your flight 2 hours, as separation goes from 30 to 60 seconds.

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    If you are flying into USA, it can make a lot of sense flying into a Canadian airport close to the border. 

    I flew to Portland twice from London.

    First time into Vancouver , where you can clear US immigration and customs. There were 3 people in the queue.

    Second time I flew into Seattle. Luckily I was close to the front of the plane but there were still 40 people in front of me, could have been 200 if I’d have been further back.

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    the closest one to YOUR destination .............................

  • Depends where you're going.  For European destinations, I'd say Atlanta.  For Pacific Rim destinations, I'd say LAX or Sea-Tac.  For Latin America, Dallas-Fort Worth or Miami.

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    Suppose we all told you, "Oh, San Francisco for sure, no contest" but you live in Tampa. Would you actually travel all the way to San Francisco to catch an international flight rather than taking one from ANY airport near you?

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    Huge planet. Planes only fly a certain distance before they need to land and refuel.

    Next issue is number of people that want to go from A to B on a regular basis.

    Sorry that YOU want a Christmas Holiday is not reason to run year round flights.

    International Flights work best from HUB cities. Where passengers are gathered for the International departure or dispersed from the International arrival.

    Locating in Denver has the disadvantage of being a long way from Asia and most of Europe and also not very close to population centers of the USA.

    Airlines have been setting up locations to operate from for DECADES. It is not rocket science and the best places are already in use.

    BOSTON is closer than NYC to Europe on most maps.

    NYC just has more capacity and passengers.

    Miami is much closer to the Caribbean and South American countries of the Americas  than NYC

    Seattle is much closer to Northern Asia than NYC.

    Los Angeles is closer to Southern Asia than NYC is.

    Minneapolis is a major Transatlantic and trans pacific hub location for both Northern Europe and Northern east Asia

    Many US Airports could have more International flights if there is passenger demand for them. Airlines keep track of their connecting passengers to determine where it might be a good idea for additional flight locations.

    Countries negotiate flights between them. Most often with a shared operation between selected locations.

    Airports are not just selected by distance from A to B. Things like available landing slots, space for Customs/Immigration inspections, plane service facilities etc are all part of it.

    Flight do go from California to Europe also. About a dozen US cites had (pre covid)

    Regular flights to Europe from all four corners of the USA and the middle too like Denver and St. Louis

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    The one closest to you that has the flights to where you want to go.

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    There is no best one. It depends where you're coming from and where you want to go. 

    To shed some light, a US airport cannot deny the request of a new carrier (by "new" it means a new carrier or an established airline that hasn't been represented there). There is some dancing around with the locals, and the carrier agrees to build a park or adds a lot of trees and bushes to existing parks or something that will benefit the community. 

    That said, it depends. And forgive me for this, but why would you want to come here with the mis-management of COVID? I hope you're planning for after the vaccine. 

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    Probably depends where you're going. What, anyway, would make an airport the 'best' location for international flights? Wouldn't it be the one easiest for you to get to?

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    While it is forth on the list of busiest airports, I still think it is best.

    1. Atlanta

    2. LA

    3. O'Hara (Chicago).

    4. Dallas.

    I don't think Denver has that many direct flights and a stop over is a stop over.

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