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Why were safety rails on roller coasters added?

So my grandma has told my mom and her sisters this story since they were young. Basically, her foster brother stood up on a rollercoaster in new jersey around 1958/1959 and got the top of his head chopped off and basically went brain dead. My grandmother says this is the reason safety rails were installed on rollercoaster. HOWEVER, my mom, her sisters, and I have never been able to find any record of this happening. 

I need to know why they installed safety rails to rollercoasters to solve even part of this mystery. 

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    Lap bars were first used in 1907 - over 50 years before she said.

    However, not all roller coasters have them, even now, so it's possible that he was on one without them.

  • Mark
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    2 months ago

    If you mean safety BARS (in the car), they always existed.  If you mean safety RAILS (on each side of the track), they were installed after there was one too many stalled trains and the people had to walk down to safety.  Without those rails, someone could have fallen off the track.

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