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travel internationally with expired state id ?


My question is 

can I travel internationally with an state id card  that is set to expired next month 

I have my  U.S PASSPORT ,U.S PASSPORT CARD , AND BIRTH CERTIFICATE  with me  , they are are valid and have not expired except for the WA state id  which is set to expire next month  

flying from mexico to new york  in january. 

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    Yes, you can, because no one is going to need to see your state ID for any reason related to international travel. A valid passport is what they'll want to see. You could leave the state ID at home, valid or not, or you could never have had any state ID at all, and it wouldn't make any difference for travel.

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    You only need a passport to travel internationally - you do need to show any other ID when traveling internationally.  And a passport is acceptable ID for domestic travel too. 

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