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Does the first or last car have the right of way when changing from right lane to left lane due to an obstruction?

Say you're traveling down a super large and steep hill and there's an Amazon delivery truck blocking the right lane on a 4 way road (2 lanes of traffic in each direction). If I was the first vehicle behind the Amazon truck to stop (with one vehicle behind me), do I get to change into the left lane first or last?

I assumed since I was first in line behind the obstruction I would get to change lanes first and the guy behind me would change lanes second.

I live in Ohio and wanted to know if anyone knew where to find out more information on this. Like the BMV or some website/resource that could tell me?

What ended up happening was I cleared myself into the left lane, the guy behind me tried to speed past me once I cleared myself, and I swiped the side of his car. The timing was perfect so that I was able to clear myself, saw no one, so I began to change lanes, and hit the guy behind me who tried to zoom past me.

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    The moving traffic in the left lane has right of way over the right lane in the US. It's too bad you got stuck behind the stopped truck. Unless the truck resumed travel, you are just stuck until a big enough space opens up for you in the left lane to safely change into. In the future, survey further ahead and use your signal in time to merge into the next lane. You would have seen the truck 2 blocks away, had you been looking ahead. I don't know- maybe your view was obscured by a Lincoln Navigator you were tailgating.

  • D50
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    1 month ago

    Annoying, isn't it? Everyone could move to the left at once and stay in the same order and it would all happen quickly and easily. But there's always some asshole who has to use the slowdown as an opportunity to pass everyone and, by doing so, slow everyone else down a lot.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    When driving there are always two problems. The first problem is the driving hazard in front of you. The second problem is the guy behind you who can't wait for you to clear the hazard first. He needs to go around you because he's impatient and he's a f****** poor (selfish) driver! 

    Regarding the open (unblocked) lane, only the cars in that lane have the right of way in that lane.  No person in the blocked lane have any right of way in it or to it.  So it kind of depends which car from the blocked lane gets into that lane first.  Some people safely hesitate and some people unsafely force their way in. 

    Best is if you watch far ahead in your driving and if you see a delivery truck stopped in your lane, get out of the lane soon.

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    Neither.  The vehicles already in the left lane have the right of way.  None of the vehicles trying to change lanes do.

    They change lanes in order of when there is room in the left lane.  It's not who's about who's first or who's last in "line".  It's whomever is where the gap opens up between the vehicles in the left lane.

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    Ohio has a traffic code.  You can look it up any time you want, but it won't help you with this question.

    Here's the deal with changing lanes, in Ohio and anywhere else:  When merging into another lane, traffic already in that lane has right of way over you.  Doesn't matter if the other vehicle just changed into that lane or if they've been there for hours.  When changing lanes, you have to yield to vehicles that are already in that lane.

  • Anton
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    The LAW, from the Ohio Government:

    You can read it yourself -- you NEVER have the "right-of-way."  The law only says "shall yield the right-of-way" to others.  Hot Flash!  If an idiot fails to yield the right, they have the right and you are not legally allowed to clobber him.

    In your case, two into one, people zipper, one from the left, one from the right.  If someone doesn't yield, there will be a collision,they pull over to the side and swap insurance.  Collisions are mostly caused by two idiots meeting.

    I am not an idiot, I always yield the right-of-way to the idiots.  I don't get angry.  I know that they WILL meet another idiot and they will crash, not me.

  • Mark
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    Well, there IS no right of way, but if someone in back went into a non blocked lane and sped up so others couldn't move over, that's a "dick move", sort of like people who travel along in "exit only" lanes to the gore and then pretend (usually not very well) that "they didn't know" and merge into through traffic.

  • 1 month ago

    There is no "right of way". you go when it's safe.

    The timing was NOT perfect... you HIT A CAR!

    Not only did you HIT A CAR, you HIT A CAR that was past you, otherwise, you he would of hit you.

    - you didn't just get hit at the wrong place at the wrong time, you were more concerned about getting in front of the Amazon truck instead of acting in a safe manner.

    If he was completely in the other lane of traffic when you hit him, you will be charged with 80-100% of the fault.

  • Sandy
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    1 month ago

    you go last and wait for the traffic to clear to do so, or someone to let you in. you just got caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time. be gracious and patient out there.

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