What kind of women go for the shy artsy type?

I have had nothing but rejection from women and now focus only on my work and art. Are there women who like artsy guys? I'm on the verge of just ending it all. Being rejected hurts a lot and kills you inside.

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  • Lili
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    3 months ago
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    There's no one type, but obviously you're going to have better luck with someone who shares your interests and possibly even your general personality.  Shy artsy women would be your best bet.

    There are MANY women who like artsy guys -- I know a lot of them, because I know a lot of artsy men, including professional artists -- but if you're so shy that you can't socialize and converse comfortably, you're not going to meet them and impress them.

    Confidence is important.  It attracts people both socially and professionally.  It may be that you need to build your confidence by doing well with your art, so concentrating on that for the time being may well be a very good idea.

    You might also consider seeing a therapist. Cognitive behavioral therapy could help you develop greater comfort and confidence levels around women.

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