What is the place of good and evil in relation to repentance in your religion?

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  • 1 month ago
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    When any one commit evil act then feel sorry for it , the best way out is to ask for forgiveness from  GOD and commit repentance , by doing goodness , in the hope that GOD would accept his / her repented.

  • 1 month ago

    "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8)!

  • 1 month ago

    The problem of good and evil is right at the start of our Bible, in Genesis. The first couple had freedom to choose whether to believe in God’s good-ness, or to go the way of evil. Adam then tried to blame God for giving him the woman, and the woman tried to blame Satan. The fact that people blame God gives one reason why God allowed this; to show what evil actually is. Evil is not a principle in creation itself, but the wilful distortion of good gifts into an arsenal deployed against God’s reign. (Augustine, “Confessions” 7.15.22) This perversity corrupts that which is noble, suppresses that which is righteous, smears that which is beautiful, and smothers the light of truth.

    Note how the serpent blamed God for supposedly withholding something good from the couple? And wickedly implied that God lived by a rule, or law, that gave knowledge of good and evil, for without law, there is no knowledge of sin. At the end of the day, everybody blamed God and, ever since, we follow this course of vanity. This pride is what we all need to repent of. In ancient as in modern dualism, the problem of evil is identified with created nature in an effort to externalize sin by attributing it to the ‘other’ – if not a woman, our physical or social environment, our family, or other circumstances beyond our control, but ultimately God. We look for scapegoats.

    Shifting the focus from our own sin to God (ontology and metaphysics) is one of the sources of dualism, ancient and modern. We must shift the ground back to our transgression rather than ontological fault. Romans chapters 1 to 3 show that in Adam we have all become false witnesses – which is a form of evil.

    If God had been intimidated by the realization that some of His creatures would abuse His good gifts and thus give rise to evil, then would that have prevented Him from providing those good gifts? If so, then God would not be God, for the very possibility of evil would have stopped Him! But because God IS God, not even the vilest evil of any of His creatures will thwart God’s purpose to provide good gifts. God will overcome all evil and the victory of the cross and the resurrection show that evil has already been defeated. That doesn’t stop evil doing even more evil, but God has a timetable and He will be proven right by the end of it all.

  • 1 month ago

    The place of good and evil in relation to what I know 

    to be right, and what I regret, is my very own conscience. 


    Nothing as shabby, or driven by 

    ritualistic utterances such as prayers of 

    repentance, and reciting theistic doctrines, are necessary. 

    I have always known good from evil, and I still do. 

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